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About Raging Rouge

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L’Oreal was my gateway drug.  In my early teens, I wanted to own no less than one of each shadow they sold.  By the time I was 14, I was hooked on Estee Lauder and eying the YSL counter.

This beauty blog started back in the days I was a new mom, and felt anything but stylish or glamorous.  Once my son started napping and I was no longer exhausted, I wondered what I could do with my spare time each afternoon.  The answer hit me one day as I looked around my bathroom, with product scattered everywhere.  I launched Raging Rouge as a destination to share my unbiased thoughts and opinions on the plethora of product I have used over the years.  If you’re a beauty lover like me, you’ll also benefit from the promotional codes, gift with purchase info and freebies I’ll publish here.

Your fellow makeup enthusiast, Jen

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