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AG Hair Cosmetics

AG Hair Cosmetics, Conditioner, Straightener, Heat ProtectionDid you know the longest undefended border in the world is that between the USA and Canada?  Americans and Canadians seem to have a certain synergy, enabling us to peacefully coexist.  Perhaps it is that, similar to a couple of sorority girls, we share our best product secrets willingly with each other.  We Yanks gave them Estee Lauder, Canada returns the favor with MAC.  The USA shares Paul Mitchell, and Canada gives us AG Hair Cosmetics.

I’m a heat-styling junkie.  I flat iron my hair with such frequency, most who know me don’t realize it is naturally curly.  To moisturize, straighten and protect my hair; I recently started a three step hair care regimen using AG Hair Cosmetics products, and have been impressed with the results.

Step 1)  fastfood – CDN $14.50/ USD $14.00 

This leave in conditioner revives dry, tired-looking hair… and even helps with detangling!  While helping to prevent split ends, it adds moisture but doesn’t weigh hair down.  A little product goes a long way!

Step 2)  set it straight – CDN $21.00/ USD $19.00 

This formula helps to relax, smooth and straighten curly hair.  Waves are relaxed while frizz is prevented.  This formula is also alcohol-free.  No drying ingredients here!

Step 3)  insulate – CDN $19.00/ USD $18.00

Spray the insulate formula onto damp tresses prior to heat styling, and your strands will be protected from the hellish heat you’re about to subject them to!  As a bonus, insulate actually give hair added volume!

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