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Arrojo Product Styling Whip

arrojo product styling whipI’ve watched “What Not To Wear” so many times, I’ve lost count.  The one part of every episode that I found most appalling is when the fashion-challenged subject had the gall to sob in Nick Arrojo’s chair… fearful of what he would do to their tresses.  Are you serious?  Nick, if you’re reading this, the only tears you’d ever see from me in your salon would be tears of joy.  Personally, I’ve wondered if Nick left the show simply because of having to deal with that constant sobbing! 

But I digress.  Naturally it makes sense perfect sense that Nick Arrojo has recently launched his own namesake line of styling product.  One that I’ve recently sampled (and LOVE) is Arrojo Product Styling Whip.

I hate HATE HATE crunchy hair!  However, my hair requires control.  Arrojo Product Styling Whip provides the lightweight hold I crave, but also contains the antioxidants and sun protection my hair needs to stay healthy.  It’s the perfect choice for Sping and Summer styling!  I must say… the mousse format is a refreshing change for me as well!  I don’t think I’ve used a styling mousse since the 80s!

Retail price is $17 for a 5.5 fl. oz. bottle.  Available at ArrojoProduct.com and Arrojo Studios.

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