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Kate Somerville Interview, 2012

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When I first started blogging, I was a true skincare guinea-pig! About a year ago I stopped saying “yes” to sampling skincare, when my skin most decidedly protested to its lab-rat status!

A fellow beauty-obsessed friend recently asked if I had ever sampled any of Kate Somerville’s skincare wares, and I had to sheepishly admit “No”. So when Kate’s team contacted me with an opportunity to meet her live and pick her brain, I immediately signed up to meet her and dropped my skincare sampling embargo so I could know first-hand what all the buzz is about.

Today’s post contains the juicy information revealed during my chat with Kate, held in a private room at Nordstrom on March 17, 2012 after their Spring Trend Show. Enjoy!

Kate Somerville Q&A

Jen: I’ve read a lot about your skincare clinic, and it sounds amazingly high-tech. What is your advice for consumers who can’t visit you in sunny L.A.?

Kate: That’s a tough one. Honestly, I use a brand of lasers called “Cutera”, and Cutera is safe and effective. I also use Omnilux for acne. So you can go online and find a physician on their website. What I tell a lot of my clients is when they are out of town, they can do a facial with my products, and then go in for one of these treatments to mimic a Kate Somerville experience.

Jen: So the skincare products should be a supplement to laser treatments?

Kate: Right.

Jen: So these laser treatments seem miraculous. It seems like lasers can cure all that ails you.

Kate: If you want to turn back time… if you have an issue like scarring or if you have rosacea or acne, these lasers can cure those things. Product alone can only do so much.

(Then Kate introduces me to the remarkable DermalQuench Liquid Lift, which will be launching in Nordstrom in April 2012. Kate Somerville launched DermalQuench in January 2012, and in the first 24 hours it was available they sold 40,000 units. I’ll be diving into DermalQuench more in a later post).

Jen: You’ve been called “Hollywood’s Secret Weapon”. What are the most powerful weapons in your skincare arsenal?

Kate: ExfoliKate, DermalQuench, Deep Tissue Repair–I couldn’t be on a deserted island without it. If you have problematic skin, I would say Clinic To Go Pads. In the clinic, I would say for acne it would be our DermaLucent facials. For aging, I would say the Titan treatment.

Jen: What are the easiest changes a person can make to their routine to improve the appearance of their skin?

Kate: Well, number one exfoliation. So many people miss exfoliation, and proper exfoliation. ExfoliKate is effective because it has a physical exfoliation to lift the dead skin, and enzymes (instead of harsh glycolics) which dissolve the top layer of skin gently so anyone can use it.

Raging Rouge thanks the generous Kate Somerville for her time! If you’re curious about Kate’s skincare line, click HERE to check out her products at KateSomerville.com. Scroll down below, for links to some of my reviews of Kate Somerville skincare product!

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I recently got my mitts on a tube of Kate Somerville ExfoliKate. Click HERE to read my ExfoliKate Review!

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