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Fall 2012 Makeup Trends

Fashion week 2012 is quickly approaching, and the world is waiting with bated breath.  What will be the hottest makeup and beauty trends for Fall 2012?

Well, rather than wait… I’m going to use clues to make the call first.  I’m guessing my Fall 2012 Makeup Trend predictions will be largely correct!

Fall 2012 Makeup Trends: The Brown Lip

Since the 80s are so hot… I’m going to predict that the fashion world intends to bring back the BROWN LIP for Fall 2012.  Brown lipstick will be the hottest new thing, and the masses will embrace it far more than they did the orange lip.  Neutrals in the world of lipstick and gloss have been gradually getting darker, so my guess is this trend will continue, and Brown Lipstick will see a huge resurgence for Fall 2012.  Unlike the rusty red brown of yesteryear, the new version will likely be more ashy and subdued.

The RED LIP will continue to be a classic staple, with true red shades and orange/red shades ranking as the most popular.  Dark and medium ORANGE LIPSTICK will also remain on the scene.

Fall 2012 Makeup Trend: Neutrals Still Rule

NEUTRALS will continue to be popular, though darker.  Neutrals will also continue to lean toward the ashy side, and neutral eye shadow palettes will contain shades of GRAY and GREIGE.

Fall 2012 Makeup Trends: The Purple Eye

The overall direction of eye makeup is toward more and more color.  My prediction for Fall 2012 is PURPLE and GREEN eye makeup will be trendiest.  The stand-alone eye defining shade of the season will be PURPLE in just about any hue, including the GRUPLE (gray/purple) shades that have been becoming increasingly popular.

Fall 2012 Makeup Trend: More Nail Art!

NAILS will continue to be an inexpensive way for women to embrace colorful trends.  NAIL ART will become increasingly popular, and my guess is we will see outlandish versions of it on the runway in February 2012!  Jewel-toned shades like Amethyst, Emerald and Garnet will be featured for nails in Fall 2012, as well as ashen GREIGE shades.

I’ll update this page as soon as the fashion elite of the world weigh in… but in the meanwhile, you read the Fall 2012 Makeup Trends prediction here first!