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Bridesmaid Gift Guide

Bridesmaid Gift Guide 2018

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Bridesmaid Gift Ideas 2018

bridesmaid gift guide 2018My Bridesmaid Gift Guide 2018 edition is kicked off with this curated collection from Mary Alice Stephenson. She had pulled together the coolest “Get Glam Quick” kit filled with products to get red-carpet ready, and I think it’s just a brilliant idea for a Bridesmaid Gift List 2018! These beauty treats are ideal gifts for a Bride to give to her bridesmaids, especially if a destination wedding is in the works! Brides should take care to package them in a beautiful way, as a nice presentation is what will make these beauty items giftable.

Top Bridesmaid Gift Ideas 2018

Smashbox- I travel often, and generally pass on packing a primer. If you want to ensure your ‘maids are photo-perfect, this primer by Smashbox is an excellent gift (and reminder) for them!

Band-Aids- I am generally not a fan of wearing a band aid, and really wouldn’t wear a nasty old plain bandaid at a wedding! But these adorable fashionable prints by Cynthia Rowly make covering a boo boo chic!

My edits to this well-curated package:

Nail polish remover! The dippable kind would be best, so if your bridesmaid needs to fix one nail, it’s easy!

Spare hose in her size and the right shade. Accidents happen! Ensure she’s prepared, and pop a spare hose in her basket!

These items can be found it places like Drugstore.com, or Walgreens. Happy shopping!