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Valentines Day

Valentines Day Gift Guide 2015

Skip the chocolates this year, and buy your honey a beauty treat for Valentine’s Day! This Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2015 edition is your go-to source for the ideal gift, for just about any woman on your list!

Bobbi Brown Valentine Red Nail Polish

Bobbi Brown Valentine Red Nail Polish

Great Addition To A Gift Bag 2015

If your love LOVES nails, Bobbi Brown’s classic red nail polish, named “Valentine Red” is a great addition to your gift bag! Retail price is $15. Available at department stores and BobbiBrownCosmetics.com.

Paco Rabanne, 1 million, Paco Rabanne

Lady Million and 1 Million, Paco Rabanne

Valentine’s Day Gift Idea 2015 for Couples

So you’d love to blow the bankroll for Valentine’s Day, but gold is just not in the cards? These bottles of 1 Million (for him) and Lady Million (for her) by Paco Rabanne look like treasures recovered from an ancient vault!

Paco Rabanne 1 Million is a gleaming bar of gold bullion, that delivers a masculine, cinnamon spice scent. Paco Rabanne Lady Million is a golden faceted gem, that delivers a soft and sexy floral scent. Both scents bring to my mind fine dining, fine attire, romance and candlelight. What a great pick for Valentine’s Day!

Retail price for a 1.7 fl. oz. spray of 1 Million is $59 and Lady Million is $67.

Coach Love, Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Coach Love

Valentine’s Day Gift 2015 When You Can’t Say The Words

Men, we women totally get that you aren’t always comfortable using the words to express how you feel. So if you’re afraid you might choke on the “L-word” maybe you should select a gift that says it for you? Coach recently launched their “Love” fragrance, and the bottle says it all.

Notes of Mandarin, Magnolia, and Vanilla are among the many that combine to form a flirty, fruity, and youthful fragrance.

Retail price for a 1 fl. oz. bottle is $52.

vanilla passion fruit lavanila, valentines day gift guide 2013, valentines day gift ideas 2013

Lavanila, Vanilla Passion Fruit Fragrance

Valentine’s Day Gift Idea 2015 for Wife

Who knew that fruity could be so sexy? Lavanila’s healthy fragrances all include notes of warm vanilla. Introduced by the brand last year is Vanilla Passion Fruit, a blend of their staple vanilla note and Passion Fruit (a natural aphrodisiac). The result is a crowd-pleasing fruity fragrance smoldering with sexiness! What a wonderful way for husbands to remind their wives that they are both fun and sexy, wrapped into one!

Retail price is $39 for a 1 fl oz. spray bottle.

pacifica island vanilla, valentines day gift guide 2013, valentines day gift ideas 2013

Pacifica, Island Vanilla Take Me There Set

Valentine’s Day Gift Idea 2015 for Girlfriend

The Pacifica Island Vanilla “Take Me There” set is a mini-vacation for the senses at a sensible price! The set contains a perfume roll on of warm and fruity Island Vanilla, a 2.5oz Body Butter for scent layering and a tube of the brand’s new Color Quench Natural Moisture Lip Tint in Hibiscus Vanilla (a sheer icy-pink shade that I am addicted to). Gents… if your lady is pestering you for a vacation you can’t afford, select this beautiful gift!

Retail price is a mere $18, for a $26 value. The Take Me There set is available in three different scents!

treat beauty, vanilla buttercream, bath truffle, valentines day gift guide 2013, valentines day gift ideas 2013

Treat Beauty, Vanilla Buttercream Bath Truffle

Valentine’s Day Gift Idea 2015 for Expectant Mom

Fathers-to-be, let me clue you in… If your Valentine is expecting, she deserves extra TLC this Valentine’s Day! Treat’s recently reintroduced Bath Truffle is an inexpensive way to care for an expecting woman. Each truffle contains great-for-the-skin cocoa butter and shea butter. The truffle melts slowly into the bath, and is available in mouth-watering flavors like Vanilla Buttercream, Hot Chocolate, Red Velvet Cake and Coconut Cream.

Retail price is $8. Treat Bath Truffles can be found at TreatBeauty.com.

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