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MAC Makes Nails Permanent!

MAC Nail Lacquer Permanent Collection

I was in the process of writing a scathing post about how prestige beauty brands–who normally lead the trends–had all missed the nail craze.  Suddenly the news broke that MAC now added a large selection of nail lacquers to their permanent collection!  There are thirty shades and three finishes included in this collection of nail polishes, ranging from pale while all the way to black.

I’ve long thought of MAC Nail Lacquers as the unsung hero of the brand.  MAC Nail Lacquer is big-three free, and I’ve found the wear time to be comparable with the brands preferred by nail salons.  I’ve especially had great success with using the nail lacquer on my toes, with a pedicure lasting

Without further hemming and hawing, allow me to introduce you to swatches of all of the nail polishes now available–ALL THE TIME–as part of the MAC Permanent color collection!  **Faint**

Keep reading to view swatches of every shade in the collection!

mac nail lacquers, faint of heart, skin, soiree, swatches, news 2012

Faint of Heart, Skin, and Soiree. MAC Permanent Nail Lacquer Collection.

MAC Permanent Nail Lacquer Collection Swatches and Photos

mac permanent nail lacquer collection, 2012, fiestaware, morange,impasssioned, shirelle, swatches, swatch, beauty blog, makeup blog

Fiestaware, Morange, Impassioned, and Shirelle. MAC Permanent Nail Lacquer Collection.

sparks on screen, flaming rose, rougemarie

Sparks on Screen, Flaming Rose and Rougemarie. MAC Permanent Nail Lacquer Collection.

mean green, formidable, midnight tryst, deep sea, swatches, reviews, mac permanent nail collection, mac permanent nail polishes, mac nail lacquer swatches

Mean & Green, Formidable, Midnight Tryst, and Deep Sea. MAC Permanent Nail Lacquer Collection.

delicate, snob, girl trouble, swatch, swatches, mac nail polish collection swatches, mac nail lacquer collection swatches

Delicate, Snob, and Girl Trouble. MAC Permanent Nail Lacquer Collection.

saint germain, steamy, girl about town, screaming bright, swatches, mac nail lacquer collection, mac nail polish collection

Saint Germain, Steamy, Girl About Town, and Screaming Bright. MAC Permanent Nail Lacquer Collection.

quiet time, coffee break, anti-fashion, dark angel, mac permanent nail collection, mac nail polishes, mac nail polish

Quiet Time, Coffee Break, Anti-Fashion, and Dark Angel. MAC Permanent Nail Lacquer Collection.

Spirit of truth, discotheque, nightfall, noctournelle, nail polish swatches, mac swatches, nail lacquer swatches, review, reviews, news, makeup news

Spirit of Truth, Discotheque, Nightfall, Noctournelle. MAC Permanent Nail Lacquer Collection.

Retail price is $16 per bottle. 

Click HERE to check out the new collection at MACCosmetics.com.

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