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Eye Makeup Ideas

The pros know it all! Some of the best makeup artists in the country provide Raging Rouge readers with eye makeup ideas for every occassion. Their tutorials and "how-tos" can be found here, from holiday eye makeup to halloween eye makeup!

Color Stories: Blue Makeup

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Blue Makeup Ideas

I’ve been crazy about blue makeup lately, and first want to invite you all to click HERE to join my Blue Makeup board on Pinterest!  I’m curating the best blue makeup images around for your viewing pleasure. Blue on the eyes and nails, featured in the image above, are two of my favorite ways to rock the color blue.  I’m eternally a fan of a blue eye pencil in the shade shown above! Here are some other killer blue makeup ideas.

blue french tips, blue makeup, blue makeup pinterest, blue manicure

Blue French Tips

Blue French Tips:  This is a wonderful, modern take on a classic French manicure.  Simply use a sheer shade of polish as a base, and use blue instead of white on the tips.  I’m especially fond of using a glittery polish, like the mani shown above.  This manicure also features some strategically placed rhinestones on the ring finger nail, as an accent.

blue eye makeup, blue makeup, blue accent makeup

Blue Winged Eye Makeup, With Matching Manicure

Blue Winged Eye:  A subtle way to incorporate blue makeup into your routine is simply to use it as an accent color on the eye.  The woman above uses a bright blue to apply winged eye makeup, making this look modern in design and color.  The matching blue manicure is a nice touch.

Blue makeup, blue eye makeup, blue eye makeup ideas,

Blue At The Innner Corner

Blue Accent At Inner Corner:  For a touch of the unexpected, blue accent makeup at the inner corner of the eye is a beautiful and subtle way to incorporate the color.

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Vivid Blues Balanced With Purple

Vivid Blue Eye Makeup Balanced With Purple:  The woman in the photo above really went for it!  If you’re going to go bold with blue, the best way is to balance the look by using other colors as well.  A dark purple is equally vivid, but grounds this look.

blue accent makeup, blue eye makeup, blue makeup ideas

Blue Accent On Neutral Eye

Use Blue Makeup As A Neutral:  Remember those old family photos of your Mom, where she was wearing blue eye shadow in every photo?  Well that’s because the shade blue was considered neutral, and once again this is true.  Incorporate a touch of blue in your eye makeup routine, and it adds a touch of fun to your normal neutral eye.

Bobbi Brown Eye Makeup Ideas!

A good friend of mine invited me to join her at the Nordstrom Spring Beauty Trend Show a few weeks ago and I couldn’t resist!

The event itself was like a slumber party on crack. The store was packed with women getting facials and makeovers in tall chairs scattered through the beauty department. While we had booked some appointments, we ended up having our eye makeup done at Bobbi Brown on a whim. I told Deynece Petri, the artist, to simply do as she pleased. She took my natural, neutral eye to a smoky sooty black dramatic eye with only a few simple steps, and a few products! [Read more…]

Spring 2012 Eye Makeup Choices

Spring 2012 Eye Makeup Ideas

Looking for some Eye Makeup Ideas for Spring 2012?  This post is a consolidation of some of the hottest trends and latest launches, and the products you can use to achieve them!

Robins Egg, Eye Shadow, MAC, Iris Apfel

Robin's Egg Eye Shadow, Iris Apfel for MAC

Spring 2012 Makeup Idea: The Teal Eye

Teal, teal and more teal! Shades of aquamarine and turquoise are very trendy for Spring 2012.  Robin’s Egg Eye Shadow from the Iris Apfel for MAC collection is the hottest shade of teal for the eyes.  To ensure the teal-eyed look is trendy and fresh, try to apply the shade only to your upper lid.  Retail price $15. [Read more…]

Aqua Cream Pairings, Part 2

Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream Swatches, 17 swatch, 16 swatch, eye makeup ideas 2011, eye makeup ideas 2012

Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream Swatches, 17 and 16

Here’s some more fun from Aqua Cream-land!  Aqua Cream #17 is a burgundy plum shimmer, and #16 is a pale pink neutral shade.  Together, they create a beautiful, feminine pinky/purple eye that dazzles with a metallic finish. [Read more…]

Aqua Cream Pairings, Part 1

make up for ever, aqua cream, 13 swatch, 2 swatch

Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream, 13 and 2 Swatches

I’ve been having so much fun with Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Cream Collection from their Wild & Chic holiday lineup.  My guess is many of my regular readers find such a huge selection of color to be a bit intimidating.  So, just for the heck of it, I just wanted to share some nice Aqua Cream duos.  We’ll keep it simple, right? [Read more…]

Halloween Makeup Ideas: Jessie Powers “Glam-pire” Look!

halloween 2011 makeup ideas jessie powers glampire

Here at Raging Rouge, Make Up For Ever’s Jessie Powers is officially a friend of “ours”. She’s a talented and creative makeup artist, to be certain, but her skills as an educator elevate Jessie to legendary status! Who could possibly forget her super-simple to follow Liquid Liner application tutorial? Make Up For Ever has recognized Jessie as the educator she is, appointing her as National Educator.  Today, Jessie shares an amazing Halloween makeup idea for those of us still stumped!


1) Start by mixing HD Microperfecting Primer #5 with a pale shade of HD Invisible Cover Foundation and apply to the entire face.
2) Using the white shade from the Flash Color Palette, highlight the center of the forehead,
cheekbones and brow bone.
3) Sculpt the face using Eye Shadows #127 and #82 on the cheeks and temples.
4) Dust Star Powder #942 over the entire face.

1) Rim the lash line using Aqua Eyes #0L in black, and then smudge the liner on the lids. 2) Apply Diamond Shadow #307 to the lids.
3) Sculpt the crease using Eye Shadows #76 and #139
4) Apply Faux Lash #209 and Smoky Lash Mascara in Black.
5) Finish by rimming the inner eye with Aqua Lip #8C to create a bloodshot effect.

1) Line the lips using Aqua Eyes #0L, and then add Rouge Artist Intense #42 on top.
2) Finish by highlighting the lips with Star Powder #902.

1) To create blood effects on the face, mix red lipstick and clear lip gloss together apply to the mouth using a thin eyeliner brush. Apply as desired to other areas.
2) For veins, lightly draw tree branch looking lines using Aqua Eues #11L, then add accents and discoloration using Aqua Eyes #12L and smudge to blue the lines. You can use the veins on the inside of your arms as a reference.

You can shop for Make Up For Ever products at Sephora.com

jessie powers make up for ever

National Educator

Born and raised in Portland, OR, Jessie was drawn to beauty at a young age and used to mix her  own make up concoctions using a chemistry set she received as a gift.

Jessie has been with MAKE UP FOR EVER since 2000, and was recently appointed role as National Educator for the brand.

Jessie’s make up philosophy is simple: “Do what makes you happy and keep your mind open to all possibilities. If you want to wear red glitter at age 80 – you should. Make up is transformative and powerful but it can also be frivolous and fun.”

Estee Lauder Pink Teal Shadowstick Duo

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I am having so much fun playing with Estee Lauder’s Bronze Goddess collection for 2011!  Filled with pinkish neutrals, terracotta tans and the sea greens and cerulean blues that bring to mind a tropical ocean and clear sky,

The swatch above is Estee Lauder’s Shadowstick Duo, in the shade “Pink Teal”.  One end is a gorgeous metallic-gold pink, and the other is a sparkling sea green.  The colors are vibrant, and the chunky dual-ended stick is easy to use for application.  I have a sneaking suspicion that I will use this product often, once things heat up a bit!  

Is the look a bit too 80s for you?  No prob… just check out the duo in Gold Bronze instead.  But seriously, before dismissing the wearability of this color combo, check out how it was applied on Hilary.  It’s simply smashing.

Retail price is $20.

Click HERE to shop at EsteeLauder.com

Click HERE to buy Estee Lauder at Nordstrom online.

Click HERE to shop Estee Lauder at Macy’s.

The author of Raging Rouge received press samples for purposes of this makeup review / product review. For more information on sample policies, please click HERE to read my full disclosure statement.

New Year’s Eve Eye Makeup Ideas: Jessie Powers Smoky Eye With A Twist!

new year's makeup ideas, eye makeup ideasThis look is a little twist on the classic smoky eye. Instead of using black and cool colors you can opt for copper, bronze, gold and rose. The eyes will still be intense and seductive but much warmer and less severe. Instead of applying dark shadow across the entire lid, this eye look leaves the center light to create extra dimension. This look could be equally complemented by a full or barely-there brow. Since the eye shadow is intense and in this case so is the brow, keep the cheek color as a soft contour and the lip as close to the natural lip color as possible with a sheer formula lipstick or peach gloss.

Step 1: Using your middle finger pat a small amount of cream concealer over the entire eye lid surface from lash line to brow bone. Then apply a light champagne or peach shade like shadow #156 or #126 on the center of the lid from the lash line to the socket crease. Use a flat shadow brush and press the shadow onto the skin before blending it. Pressing in the shadow first will help eliminate “fall out” and will give you more control over your shadow placement.

Step 2: Using a dense medium sized squirrel tip brush blend a neutral brown shadow like #76 or #98, slightly darker than your natural skin tone, in the socket crease. You can be generous with this application. The shadow should blend slightly above the socket crease and onto the brow bone.

Step 3: Using a rounded smudge brush apply a rosy brown or brick red shadow like #161 or #122 to the outer corner of the eye blending it up and into the crease with controlled brush strokes. Using the same eye shadow color and brush apply in the same way to the inner corner of the eye. The result should look like soft blended parentheses framing the center of the eye lid. Again using the same brush and shadow trace the lower lash line and blend thoroughly to create a smoky effect.

Step4: Apply kohl liner 6K black gold on the top and bottom water line of the eye. Apply generously so that the kohl can be blended over the water line. Using a soft rounded smudge brush wiggle a little of the kohl over the lower lash line to intensify the smoky effect of the shadow. Pull a little of the kohl pencil onto the smudge brush by rubbing the brush bristles across the tip of the pencil. The residue of the kohl on the smudge brush will act as the final shade to intensify the inner and outer corners of the eye. Using the smudge brush and tiny brush strokes, work the kohl into the upper lash line on the outer corner of eye first. For extra drama and intensity do the same on the inner corner. If you typically have trouble keeping liner in place on your water line, pack a tiny bit of black eye shadow onto a synthetic angle brush and press it on top of the kohl.

Step 5: Curl your lashes and apply 2 to 3 coats of Smoky Lash mascara. Use a zig zagging motion on the first layer to fluff the lashes and add volume.

jesse powers, make up for ever, new year's makeup, eye makeup ideas
Click HERE to buy Make Up For Ever products from Sephora.com

New Year’s Eve Makeup Ideas: Christopher Del Castillo of MAC

makeup ideas, new year's eve

Still fumbling about for a stellar New Year’s Eve Makeup Idea?  Follow this step-by-step tutorial for a classic, red-lipped party look– courtesy of MAC’s Christopher Del Castillo!

1.) First, apply a very sheer veil of Ochre Style Paint Pot with brush #217 from lash to brow, blending very well. Define and emphasize the eyebrows using the proper Eye Shadow shade (for your hair color) and brush #266.

2.) Next, sweep Golden Crown Mineralize Eye Shadow (from the “Tartan Tale” Collection) across the eyelid.

3.) Use Brush #224 to contour the eye with Quarry, Saddle and Sketch Eye Shadows. Quarry should shade the entire crease while Saddle adds depth at the innermost part of the crease and Sketch very slightly adds depth at the outer lid starting at the outer lash line using brush #219.

4.) Line the eyes with a thin lick of liner across the lash line using Fluidline in Blacktrack and a #263 Brush. Apply a healthy coat of Opulash Mascara and make sure the lashes look separated, defined and feathery.

5.) Pair this Eye with THE PERFECT Holiday Lip! Delicately line the lips with Vino Lip Pencil and use Gesina Lipstick (from the “Marcel Wanders” Collection). You’ll be sure to turn heads with this classic, polished and alluring look!

christopher del castillo, mac senior artist

Click HERE to shop at MAC online.

Click HERE to buy MAC at Nordstrom online.

Click HERE to shop MAC at Macy’s.

Pink Makeup Fun, Courtesy Of Brett Freedman!

If there ever was a season for color, spring would be PINK’s time in the sun! Want to add this natural blushing hue into your makeup arsenal this spring?  Here are tips from celeb makeup artist Brett Freedman:

PINK cheeks: Brett hearts PosieTint, a poppy pink cheek stain from Benefit. Dab on apples of cheeks and sweep upward and back toward the temples.  A little dab on chin gives an uber natural radiance.

PINK lips: To balance the cheek stain, try a soft pink on lips with Brett’s own Vanitymark Dr. KISS satin finish lip balm. Though the balm is baby blue, it has 4% of that ‘mood lipstick’ ingredient to give lips a little lift of pink color. It’s your personal, customized pink shade!

PINK eyes: What makes pink so healthy on the face can actually work against you around the eyes. The key here is to stay in the family of the pink tone, but with a more solid shade as a base – like taupes with pink undertones.  Try this springy custom MAC trio of colors from the hot new Liberty of London collection:

Lid: Give me Liberty of London – a creamy matte shade to set the stage.
Crease: Bough Grey – work from outer corner and sweep arching up and inward. This mid tone should fade to sheer after mid eye.
Shimmery highlight: Dames Desire – Using a tight brush moistened with water, use the shadow as an eyeliner very close to lash line around eye, top and bottom. Set against the matte lid this light catching lilac shadow gives great definition by using light reflective shimmer, not dark pigments.
PINK lashes: Continue the unique, subtle pink hues through to lashes with Givenchy’s Phenomenon mascara in Plum.  Curl lashes and apply mascara to top and bottom lashes.  Brett’s tip: curl lashes after mascara dries to give extra pop. When using lighter, subtle shadows it’s important to keep lashes very bold and crisp.