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In Memorium September 11 2001

Ground Zero, December 2001

Ground Zero, December 2001

I generally don’t post about heavy topics or current events here on Raging Rouge. I generally like to think of this as a place to escape from harsh realities. Today, I wanted to stray from that rule just a bit, to share with you a poem I wrote shortly after 9/11/01, that expressed my feelings about the events of that day and the response by Americans in the aftermath.

September Eleventh

A clear day in September,
Eclipsed by smoke and ash.
Three monuments of strength,
Our freedom here has crashed.

Both structure and inhabitant,
Were cut down in their prime.
And in their wake a country,
Left reeling from this crime.

No American can understand,
Terrorisms true intent.
Only twisted reasoning could lead
To mass graves of cement.

But I see the true lesson here,
With heroes in our sight.
For each soul led by darkness
One thousand led by light.

-Jennifer Sesta