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Dr. Brandt Pores No More

I am a big fan of my Bare Escentuals cosmetics, and the foundation is just the light coverage I want for the spring and summer. 

But I had a dillemma.  Minearal foundations accentuate my pores.  Could be the product- could be improper application on my part.  Whatever the reason, I didn’t want to give up.  That’s where Dr. Brandt Pores No More comes in.  Smooth the product over the problem areas, and let it dry.  It’s a flesh-colored cream with a powdery consistency.  Apply your foundation over it and voila, no visible pores and the perfect finish we all want.

Available for purchase at Derma Doctor or Beauty.com

Peter Thomas Roth Ultimate Body Sculpting Slimming Gel

Beauty, Beauty Blog, Beauty Blogger, Makeup, Cosmetics, Product Reviews, Makeup Reviews, Raging Rouge, iconIf someone offered to sell you a magical potion that would help slim you down… would you buy it?  I think most women would answer yes to this question.  The funny part is, when companies claim their product can actually do such a thing, we don’t believe it.

I was skeptical when I first started using Peter Thomas Roth Ultimate Body Sculpting Slimming Gel.  How could I not be?  According to Peter Thomas Roth, this product generated near-miraculous results after 60 days, including:

  • Buttock circumference:   15% of the patients showed a decrease of .78 to 1 inch and 60% decreased .19 to .39 inches.
  • Thigh circumference:  85% showed a decrease of .19 to .39 inches while skin elasticity increased 17% after 30 days and 24.5% after 60 days.
  • Skin hydration:  Increased 9.5%.
  • "Orange peel type" skin:  75% had an improvement and one third of those had a fairly good improvement.
  • Presence of nodules:  95% showed the condition improved and 65% finished with smoother skin.
    • So I approached this product scientifically.  Three weeks ago, I weighed in and measured my stomach and hips prior to using the product.  After three weeks of use, I weighed in again, and my weight changed by +0.8 lbs.  Despite the fact that I was nearly 1 pound heavier, my stomach and hips each measured 1" smaller.  I couldn’t notice the difference just by looking at myself, but I was able to fit comfortably into a smaller size jean that I had purchased with my fingers crossed weeks before using this product.  This magical concoction actually seems to work!  Well worth the $100 pricetag, it’s the perfect purchase to get ready for the summer!  Click on the image below to purchase the product.  Shipping will be free if you buy through Beauty.com!

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      EsteeLauder.com has a new look, and they’re inviting you to one as well!  With every online order, customers can choose 5 deluxe samples from a long list of favorite products.  This offer expires tonight, April 5th at 11:59 pm E.S.T., so you’d better act fast! 

      Click here to choose your samples.  Then place your order.  You can spend as much or as little as you want to qualify, but only orders above $75 qualify for free shipping.

      L’Oreal Plenitude Refreshing Eye Makeup Remover

      Beauty, Beauty Blog, Beauty Blogger, Makeup, Cosmetics, Product Reviews, Makeup Reviews, Raging Rouge, iconMy skin clings to color, especially variations of blue.  Much to my embarrassment, my college professors were always able to see exactly which bars I had hit the night before–a tale told by blue, purple and black stamps on my hands.  Despite scrubbing at my hands as if cleaning a dirty stove-top, the ink would not wash off.

      Eyeliner caused a similar problem.  Regardless of how clean my eyes looked before bed, I would wake looking like a raccoon.  Luckily, after searching high and low, I found an eye makeup remover tough enough to fully remove my eyeliner.  It’s nothing budget-busting, just good ol’ drugstore-stocked L’oreal

      A newer favorite, and a perfect travel companion, is E.L.F. eye makeup remover pads.  They remove eye-makeup thoroughly, and come in a convenient case.

      Beauty.com Gift With Purchase

      With any Beauty.com purchase, you’ll receive a free Microdelivery Peel by Philosophy (a $30 value).  If you haven’t yet tried Microdelivery Peel, it’s a great home microdermabrasion kit.  First, you rub a course vitamin-c scrub on your face (it smells delicious- like oranges).  Then you add their "activator" on top of the scrub and massage gently.  The activator will heat up the entire emulsion.  After a couple of minutes, you rinse, revealing healthy younger-looking skin!