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LORAC Mini Lip Polishes

Beauty, Beauty Blog, Beauty Blogger, Makeup, Cosmetics, Product Reviews, Makeup Reviews, Raging Rouge, iconI fell in love with the idea of mini-glosses, and splurged on this adorable set of LORAC mini lip polishes, called "Tempt Me-Tease Me-Taste Me".  This set comes with 8 shades of lip polish.  Despite the vivid appearance of the colors in the tube, each is a very sheer and neutral gloss, perfect for a variety of complexions.  They also have the most delightful fragrance.  Is that mint I detect?

Despite their tiny size and my regular use, I have yet to run out of one!  My favorite part is that I can scatter them to the wind, and have a gloss on hand wherever I go.  One in my bag, the other in the car, the other in the kitchen… so convenient!

Benefit High Beam

iconiconI’m always in the market for any product that will give my skin a special glow.  Benefit High Beam is excellent in that capacity.  I simply dotted the liquid on the tops of my cheekbones and above the brow, and blended. 

I love the shimmery, iridescent glow it gave my skin, and the way it plays tricks with the light to make my cheeks look more defined and my eyes pop!

Designer Jeans, Discounted 15%

National Jean Company - Live NattyI know so many women addicted to their jeans: Chip and Pepper, Citizens of Humanity, Lucky Brand, Rock & Republic, Seven for all Mankind, True Religion…  Women are willing to pay a premium for their favorites.  Why?  Let’s face it, this isn’t your average denim.  These designs are meant to accentuate your assets in a way well worth the splurge.

So what if you could buy your favorites at a 15% discount?  The National Jean Company is offering 15% off any purchase!  All you have to do is click on the banner below, and enter the code "natty15" at checkout.  Happy shopping!

Peter Thomas Roth Botanical Oasis Body Wash

When my son was a newborn, and I would sit up with him in the wee hours of the morning in a semi-delirious sleep-deprived state, my thoughts would drift to my favorite day spa.  It seemed so long ago that I had been able to indulge myself in such a luxury.  A 90 minute massage…  A body scrub and masque…  I would practically drool, so strong was my desire for pampering.

If only I had Peter Thomas Roth Botanical Oasis Body Wash at the time.  The use of the word “oasis” in the product name is more than appropriate.  This body wash is like a 5 minute visit to a day spa, but in the convenience of your own home.  The luxurious lather softens the skin, and leaves a faint heavenly scent that even reminds me of my favorite spa.  They call the scent “red tea and bergamot”, I just call it yummy.

Kinerase Lip Treatment

iconIn an effort to moisturize and keep the surface of our lips smooth, most of us have used one lip treatment or another.  Kinerase Lip Treatment is a moisturizer with a twist.  Rather than come in a lipstick form–treating only the lip surface–this product is a lotion to be applied to the lip surface and the surrounding area.  As a result, both the lip and the skin around the lip are in for a treat.  Kinerase is sold at Beauty.com, DERMAdoctor.com and Sephora…to name a few.