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Must Have: The Foundation Brush

Foundation, boring as it is, is really the most important part of a beauty regimen.  It’s the one product that can simultaneously even skin tone, set the rest of your makeup, and even protect your skin from sun exposure (providing you smartly chose one with SPF).

But, how you apply foundation is as important as the foundation you use.  A foundation brush smooths the liquid perfectly over the skin for a flawless finish with impeccable blending.  My personal choice is Chanel’s brush #16, Le Pinceau Teint.  The bristles are so soft, they feel like silk.  Despite the fact that my brush is many years old- each time I wash it, it looks brand new.

Juice Beauty Green Apple Moisturizer

Juice Beauty Green Apple Moisturizer…

It’s light, it absorbs quickly, and it has an SPF 15.  Enough said!

Beauty Deals and Bonuses

When you buy as much product as me, being rewarded for it is a major treat.  Two beauty retailers are very actively courting we addicts for our business.

Sephora has a relatively new program, referred to as “beauty insider”.  Through beauty insider, you can earn deluxe samples for every $100 you spend, get access to hot items in limited quantity, and even get treated to a birthday gift! 

Beauty.com is generous to the extreme, offering periodic discounts on purchases over a certain threshold.  Currently, you can get a $20 discount off of any purchase of $150 or more.  They also offer gifts with purchase and money back for future purchases through their drugstore dollars program.

Must Have: The Train Case

Once upon a time, my cosmetics were all piled into an extra large metal tin… Sure, the tin was inexpensive, but I was frustrated rifling through a large quantity of product every morning.

I needed a better solution.  Sephora Brand Metro Train Case may seem like a big investment at $90, but for those with stockpiled product like me, it is a necessity. Now my vast collection is perfectly organized and everything I need is at my fingertips.

The case has six “tiered” compartments that are lipstick length, and three larger compartments at the bottom. The bottom compartments are adjustable, and quite deep, to accommodate larger items. The detachable shoulder strap may not be necessary for most, but the top handle is so nice to have, as the case is easy to pick up and hide away.  My bathroom countertop has never been so neat!

Platinum Polish

Ok, I like luxury goods as much as the next girl… But $250 for a bottle of nail polish? Who on earth would need such a thing?

Apparently, some are ok with a manicure at such a hefty price.

In my experience, you don’t need to spend a lot to have great nails.  The best brands of polish are not the most expensive, nor are they made by elite cosmetic brands.  Chanel and Lancome, despite their hefty price tags, chip faster than they dry.  The winner for quality and value is OPI, hands down (pardon my pun).  Lippmann Collection polishes come in a close second.

Lippmann retails at $15 per bottle, and OPI usually costs about $7.50.  Both are long wearing, and help keep your nails tough. 

Why does OPI win?  OPI has the added benefit of having created literally every color in the rainbow.  They release their colors in collections, and their latest collection, the “Aussie”  is set to debut in February of this year (it can already be pre-ordered on some websites).  I fell so in love with the Mexico collection a couple of years ago, that I bought the whole set and arranged it in my guest bathroom as my own personal nail salon (much to my husband’s chagrin).  The “Aussie” similarly has me drooling, with an entire 12 bottle selection of fantastic colors.  OPI also has the benefit of select matching lip shades, called “Suzi’s picks”.

So run out and grab some.  Don’t forget to snag some Nail Envy while you’re at it, to help keep your nails ultra-strong!