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L’Occitane Mom & Baby

L'Occitane Mom & Baby Body Lotion

L’Occitane Mom & Baby Body Lotion

The other day, a friend of mine visited with her 9-month-old baby.  My friend grieved for the days she could sleep, and complained about her aches and pains while I inhaled his baby scent deepy and reminisced.  The early days of motherhood are excruciatingly difficult.  You’re essentially in a training crash-course for the most challenging career you can possibly imagine.  Sleep is fragmented and unfulfilling, communication is poor, and a quiet moment to take care of yourself is excruciatingly rare.

It’s exactly why L’Occitane’s line of “Mom & Baby” products are so ideal! [Read more…]

Lavanila Healthy Baby Collection

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I love pampering my babies.  Especially in the bath!  So, it was only natural for me to covet the latest byLavanila–The Healthy Baby Collection!  Not only is this recently-launched line of baby care completely chemical free, but the vitamin rich formula is put through a “baby safe test” to ensure the health, purity, nourishment, skin compatibility and sensitivity of the entire collection of product!

Every single product is the line pediatrician approved, and contains the highest quality 100% natural and organic ingredients (with a history of demonstrated safety and efficacy).  Formulas are rich in healthful vitamins and minerals, and are hypoallergenic.

I’m especially fond of the LAVANILA Healthy Baby Wash.  The 100% natural formula can be used on both hair and skin.  The product is dispensed from a convenient upright pump bottle (especially great when you need to keep one hand on a newborn).  The combination of well-known softening Calendula with vanilla and coconut oil means you won’t miss the artificial perfumes at all!

Pricy?  I’ll be honest, there are definitely less expensive options in the marketplace.  As an experienced Mom with two sensitive-skinned sons, I offer this piece of advice to Moms-to-be:  baby’s skin is extremely delicate; rather than use your newborn’s delicate dermis as a testing-ground for the harsh and perfumy drugstore options, LAVANILA’s Healthy Baby collection is worth the splurge.

LAVANILA Healthy Baby Bottom Fragrance-free, $15

LAVANILA Healthy Baby Wash, $16

LAVANILA Healthy Baby Block, $20

LAVANILA Healthy Baby Butter, $14

LAVANILA Healthy Baby Lotion Face & Body, $15

Click HERE to shop Sephora.com for The Healthy Baby Collection by LAVANILA

The author of the Raging Rouge Beauty Blog received press samples for purposes of this makeup review / product review.  For more information on sample policies, please click HERE to read my full disclosure statement.

Beauty News: LAVANILA Launches Healthy Baby Collection At Sephora

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Oh boy…  I’m in trouble!  I think I shop most enthusiastically for my children, and bath-time is where I tend to splurge most.  Bath bombs, bubble baths, fruit-scented soaps… my little guys are spoiled rotten!

Naturally I was stoked to read that Lavanila has launched a new line of bath & body products for babies.  “The Healthy Baby” line is available exclusively at Sephora, and contains chemical-free, vitamin-enriched products to pamper skin of all ages!

Products pictured (from left to right):  LAVANILA Healthy Baby Butter 3oz $14, LAVANILA Healthy Baby Bottom Fragrance-free 3oz $15, LAVANILA Healthy Baby Wash $16, LAVANILA Healthy Baby Lotion Face & Body 7oz $15 and LAVANILA Healthy Baby Block SPF 40 2 oz $20.

Click HERE to check out the new line at Sephora.com

To celebrate this exciting launch, the two have teamed up and will be launching “The Happy, Healthy Baby Search” to find the first face of the Healthy Baby Collection.

To kick off the search, LAVANILA is holding an open casting call at Sephora 5th Avenue on May 14th from 2PM to 6PM. Parents are encouraged to bring their babies into the store to meet the founders/judges, have their entry photo taken and receive samples of the new collection. Plus, the first 50 parents to enter their babies will receive a Sephora gift card with a mystery value up to $100!

Parents who can’t make it to the casting call or live outside the NYC area can also enter online at Sephora.com/win/healthybaby until June 1st.

Noodle & Boo: Instant Hand Sanitizer

noodle and boo reviews, noodle and boo products, hand sanitizer, instant hand sanitizer, beauty, makeup, cosmetics, makeup reviews, beauty blogLet’s face it: most anti-bacterial hand-sanitizers smell like moonshine. Yuck! Leave it to Noodle & Boo to improve upon that replusive scent!

I scored a 2 fl. oz. bottle of Noodle & Boo Instant Hand Sanitizer during a recent shopping trip for only $1.75.  The solution is infused with the signature Noodle & Boo powdery scent, making sanitizer application much more delightful!

Normal retail price for a 2 fl. oz. bottle is $5.50.

Click HERE to check it out at Noodle & Boo

Woman’s World Mention!

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I could probably field questions on bubble bath ALL DAY LONG.  Seriously, I am a bit of a bath and body fiend.  My “bath bar” is ridiculously overstocked with yummy-scented cleansing treats.

But naturally, when Woman’s World Magazine asked me to select one baby-friendly bubble bath, I had to whole-heartedly point their fabulous readers to California Baby.  This brand was a godsend for my baby’s sensitive skin.  It’s also a smart pick for allergic or allergy-prone children, as well!

Click HERE to check out the Woman’s World Magazine website for some fun giveaways… and do pick up the publication the next time you’re in a store!