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Kiehl’s Set To Launch Organic Skin Care Collection!

Kiehl’s is set to launch its first ever organic skin care collection, reports today’s Women’s Wear Daily. The four-item line up contains the Brazilian Açaí berry, whose “superior antioxidant properties,” says Chris Salgardo, president of Kiehl’s USA, help combat environmental aggressors and stimulate the skin’s natural renewal process. The products are due out in mid-September and will be available at over 250 specialty stores in the U.S.,including 33 free standing Kiehl’s stores.

Click HERE to read all of the deets at Women’s Wear Daily

Planet Skincare: Welcome To The USA!

If you've never watched Absolutely Fabulous, let me just pause for a moment and tell you to quickly get your hands on season one.  I found it screamingly funny, and think you will too.

Back to this post.  The second I read about these anti-aging products by Planet Skincare, I knew it was the kind of product Patsy Stone of AbFab would fall all over herself to get her hands on.  While the character of Patsy and I have little in common, our constant search for the fountain of youth is one similarity.

Why is Planet Skincare beloved by beauty addicts across the pond?  They contain synthetic snake-venom (called Syn-ake®) which mimics the results of botox, only it's applied topically! 

Instant Firming Serum ($145, pictured at left) works in conjunction with Anti-Aging Daily Moisturizer ($115, pictured at right).  I've only recently started using this dynamic duo, but am already quite impressed with the results on my skin… especially the pesky little lines on my forehead.  I can't wait to see what the long-term benefits will be!

Want to snag them for yourself?  Click HERE to head to VitalityMedispa.net!

Signature 23: Skin Care By Suzanne Stonebarger

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Surf, Sun, Sand, Sweat…  These "S" words are commonly associated with Summer (coincidentally– yet another "S" word), and while they're such fun, they can also wreak havoc on the skin. 

Two more "S" words for you:  Suzanne Stonebarger.  She's a professional beach volleyball player, and understanding how to deal with the negative effects of these "S" words was once just a side-effect of her work.  Today, protecting our skin from environmental stresses and premature aging is now actually in her job description.  Signature23 Skincare, her new line, is a smash! 

I had the opportunity to sample an entire cleansing regimen:  the Vita C 5 Piece kit.  Suzanne has spoiled my skin silly!  (Ok-  I'm officially out of "S" words).

The Vita C 5 Piece Kit contains:

Vita C Elixir:  This spritz is what you'll be addicted to!  One in the car, one in the office, one in your bag… The need for Vita C Elixir is endless.  Not only does it help to keep skin hydrated, it's antioxidant-rich.  This mist also happens to be under the FAA size restriction, so you'll want this with you at 30,000 feet.

Botanical Cleansing Gel:  Signature23's minty cleansing gel is gentle, and effective at removing makeup.  I feel so refreshed after cleansing with this… only an athlete could develop a formula this rejuvenating! 

Crystal Microderm Exfoliating Treatment:  This scrub replace the cleansing gel periodically to purge pores of impurities.  The texture of the skin is improved instantly (rough patches– be gone)!

C23 Lifestyle Day Cream: This super-light moisturizer absorbs quickly and wears well under makeup. It also contains the anti-aging "Complex23" a proprietary blend of 23 active botanical extracts that work to keep your skin looking young, healthy and fabulous.

Peptide Tissue Recovery Night Cream:  A richer moisturizer, containing Glucosamine HCI and Matrixyl 3000® to promote skin cell turnover.  My dry cheeks drank this up thirstily, and looked better for it!

Retail price of the Vita C 5 Piece Kit is $182… but the kit is currently on sale for $159!

Click HERE to check out Signature23.  Suzanne and her skincare line are officially friends of "ours".

Glytone Acne Treatment Back Spray

It happens to the best of us… back breakouts!  During the summer, this condition is most frustrating.  Acne on the back is Impossible to hide, and impossible to conceal on your own.  The only real solution is to eliminate the breakout, once and for all!

Glytone offers the solution to this predicament, so break out the halter-top!

Glytone Acne Treatment Back Spray is an 8 oz. spray bottle filled with Salicylic Acid and Benzalkonium Chloride to fight acne-causing bacteria.

The best part about this product?  You can apply it yourself!  This spray, unlike others, can actually be held upside down as you spray your own back.

Retail price is $28

Click HERE to buy it from SkinCareRx.com.

Color Me Thrilled! Raging Rouge Mention In Women’s World Magazine!

It's pretty rare for me to revisit past reviews on Raging Rouge, but today I'll be making an exception.  Why?  A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Women's World magazine to provide a product idea for women in search of the best shave gel.  My very first appearance in the mainstream media!

It's didn't take long for me to make my selection for the publication.  I originally wrote about EOS (the Evolution of Smooth) in January (click HERE to read my original review).  I've been using this product regularly ever since.

To think I once used my husband's manly-smelling shave gel!  EOS has yummy options like Pomegranate Raspberry (my original addiction), Vanilla Bliss (my latest acquisition) and Island Blue (likely my next purchase).  The formula is so amazingly moisturizing, you can skip post-shower lotion if you're in a hurry.  In fact, you can even skip the shower entirely!

Retail price varies by retailer, but EOS shave cream generally retails for under $5 per bottle.  A screamingly good deal for such a terrific shave!

Click HERE to buy EOS shave cream at drugstore.com

Don't forget to grab yourself a copy of Women's World!  My issue will be on newsstands until July 13th… (check out page 33).  I had a blast reading the rest of the magazine, too.  Great shopping, cooking and craft ideas abound, ladies!  There's something for everyone!

To see a scan of the entire article, click the image at left.