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Bloomingdales Private Sale

Bloomingdales Private Sale 2018

Bloomingdales Private Sale 2018

Bloomingdales Private Sale 2018 Dates

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I’m not certain of the next Bloomingdales Private Sale date at this time, but currently Bloomie’s is offering an amazing sale with discounts up to 25% off!  Click here to shop Bloomingdales.

How does a Bloomingdales Private Sale work?

Generally Private Sales at Bloomie’s aren’t really private. If you’re on their email distribution list, you’ll receive notification when the sale goodness is starting and the applicable promo codes. During a private sale, the “sale” section usually features markdowns of 20-60% off of regular retail, PLUS using a promotional code you’ll receive an additional discount (like an extra $25 off of each $100 you spend).

What is Bloomingdales Loyalist Program?

The Bloomingdales Loyalist program is simply a loyalty program. You don’t need to open a line of credit or anything, simply provide a login and address and you’re a Loyalist! Each purchase you make using your Bloomingdales account will earn you Loyalist rewards, and during certain sales/events you can earn bonus Loyalist rewards too! Incoming Search Terms: Bloomingdales Private Sale 2018 Bloomingdales Private Sale Dates 2018 Bloomingdales Promo Codes 2018