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Macy’s Friends and Family

Macy’s Friends and Family 2018

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Macy’s Friends And Family 2018

macy's friends and family 2018, macys friends and family sale 2018, macys ff sale 2018, macy's friends and family 2018, macys friends and family sale 2018, macys ff sale 2018The final Macy’s Friends and Family 2017 sale is happening now! You can save some green and take an extra 30% off through 12/11/2017 using promo code FRIEND at checkout! Free shipping applies for orders of $25 or more.  Beauty purchases are 15% off, and some departments have a lower savings rate. Click HERE to shop Macys.com!

What is the Macy’s Friends and Family Sale schedule for 2018?

The first Macy’s Friends and Family 2018 sale event will be held in April 2018.  I love to browse the selection in advance, so I can check out the second that promo code is live, because the best deals simply fly off the shelves!  Next time around, my focus will be on spring and summer clothing shopping, and I’ll be snapping up items for the entire family!  Click HERE to shop Macys.com!

Macy’s Friends and Family Spring 2018

So you already know the first Macy’s Friends and Family 2018 is likely to start in April 2018. Recently Macy’s also hosted a surprise Macy’s Friends and Family sale in June, so we will have to see if that continues to be a new tradition and a Macy’s Friends and Family June 2018 sale happens!  The promo code in the past has been FRIEND and the discount was 25% off with free shipping to sweeten the deal.  My favorite items to peruse in this time frame are summertime dresses.  I can use them as cover-ups pool side, or as a comfy dress to wear all summer long!

Macy’s Friends and Family Fall 2018

Macy’s is one of the only department stores that gracefully allows time for Thanksgiving to pass, before launching the holiday shopping season! Some exclusions usually apply to the sale (such as jewelry, beauty and electronics), however I always find Macy’s to be most generous in their discounts!  The Macys Friends and Family Fall 2018 event will begin at the end of November or early December.  Don’t miss the steals that are already on sale.  Macys F&F sale promo codes work on items already marked down!

How much is the Macys F&F discount?

Usually the Macy’s F&F discount is 25% off of retail price of clothing.

Macy’s Friends and Family 2019

Macy’s generally hosts two friends and family sales and discounts each year.  The first friends and family sale will be held in the Spring (April 2018), and the other starts in time for holiday shopping (late November 2018 through early December 2018).  A third has recently been added to the lineup, and that would be held in June 2019.