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Nordstrom Clearance Sale

Nordstrom Clearance Sale 2016

Nordstrom Clearance Sale 2016

Nordstrom Clearance Sale 2016

Q: When is the next Nordstrom Clearance Sale 2016?

nordstrom clearance sale 2016, when is the next nordstrom clearance sale 2016, nordy's clearance sale 2016The last Nordstrom Clearance Sale 2016 will start on December 26, 2016.  The “Winter Clearance Sale” usually lasts for about a week, so it will end in early January 2017.  This sale will be held both in-store and online. Click HERE to shop the sale and save up to 50% now through January 2 at Nordstrom.

Nordstrom Clearance Sale 2017

Q: What are the Nordstrom Clearance Sale 2017 dates?

The Nordstrom Half-yearly sale is now the Nordstrom Clearance Sale!  Ordinarily, Nordstrom holds many clearance sales throughout the year, but the two to really keep your eye on are held in November 2017 and May 2017 in the coming year.  Nordstrom Clearance Sale 2017 will be more frequent, now that it’s replacing the half-yearly sale event. The Nordstrom Summer Clearance Sale starts in early September 2017.  The Nordstrom Spring Clearance Sale will begin in mid-May 2017. The Nordstrom Winter Clearance Sale 2017 will start on December 26 and run through January 2018. This sale will be held both in-store and online. Generally Nordstrom Rewards members earn DOUBLE points for purchases for a short period during each sale. This is such a great time to start holiday shopping, because the deals during this event are incredible. Prime inventory will move fast, so click that link and surf on over now! Remember that new items will be periodically added, so check back in often!

Q: How many times a year does Nordstrom offer a Clearance Sale?

A: There are at least two Nordstrom Clearance Sales each year, and Nordstrom offers Designer Clearance Sales as well, which are a great opportunity for picking up high-ticket items! These sales are also a great opportunity for Nordstrom Employees to use their discounts, picking up coveted brand names for a fraction of the original retail price.

Q: What are Nordstrom Clearance Sale Exclusions?

A: In the Nordstrom Clearance Sale, each item is hand-picked. There is no promo code to use, and no exclusions per-se. The items on sale are individually marked down in-store, or can be found in the “sale” section online. Keep an eye for new additions, over the course of the sale! I usually shop a clearance sale multiple times, as additional markdowns are made or returns come back in.