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Sephora Friends and Family

Sephora Friends and Family 2018

Sephora Friends And Family 2018. Sephora Friends And Family Sale 2018. Sephora Friends And Family 2018

Sephora Friends And Family 2018. Sephora Friends And Family Sale 2018

***NEW Sephora F&F 2018 Rules***

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Once upon a time, Sephora’s Friends and Family Sale started in October each year. Word would spread quickly, and EVERYONE would partake in the discount. In 2011, Sephora decided for the first time ever that the sale should be really truly for only the friends and family of employees. This confusion has resulted in a policy change in 2012. In order to receive the Sephora F&F discount, you need to actually know someone who works at Sephora. Sephora employees can share the discount with their friends and family, through a unique, one-time-use code. The Sephora F&F Sale 2018 will be held in mid-October 2018 if history is any indicator. If you know someone who works there, butter them up to get your one-time use promo code!

Sephora VIB Discounts 2018

Do not fret! Discounts will be available for Beauty Insiders and VIB members leading into the Holiday 2018 shopping season. The VIB (Very Important Beauty Insider) shopping event generally runs in mid-November 2018 and is the same 20% off as the F&F sale. Truly, waiting until mid-November might be the best strategy anyway, to ensure all of those great holiday-related value sets are in stock for shopping!

When is the next Sephora VIB Discount in 2018?

Sephora generally hosts two different VIB bonuses. The first Sephora VIB Sale is held in April. Last year, they offered a 15% off discount. The second Sephora VIB Sale is held November, with a 20% off discount. These have happened like clockwork in the past, and are to be expected for 2016. For the last two years the company has also issued an incredible VIB “thank you” in early December. This is essentially a free $20 gift card that can be used for any purchase of $50 or more (**hello generous!**). So, providing you had restraint and limited your purchase to $50, you could actually get a 40% discount! Unheard of!

Generally access to the VIB sale is tiered by status.  Rouge VIB members get first dips, then VIB members, then Beauty Insiders.  This VIB Rouge member was thrilled.  Not only was I able to score the deals early, but my local Sephora let me share the love with a friend!  The store wasn’t crowded, because very few shoppers are Rouge, and the site didn’t crash with an over abundance of online shopping!  It was brilliant!

Sephora Friends and Family 2018

The Sephora Friends and Family Sale 2018 is expected to be held in October 2018.  If you don’t know an employee of Sephora, you will not be able to shop the Sephora Friends and Family 2018 event.  No worries, as a separate event for Sephora VIB members is held shortly after, and is actually better timed for holiday shopping.  The Sephora VIB Sale 2018 will have different start dates based on loyalty level, with Sephora VIB Rouge customers shopping first.