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Sephora VIB Sale

Sephora VIB Sale 2016

Sephora VIB Sale 2015, Sephora VIB 2015 Sales

Sephora VIB Sale 2016, Sephora VIB 2016 Sales

When are Sephora VIB Sales Scheduled for 2016?

Sephora VIB Sale April 2016

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The Sephora Friends and Family 2016 sale starts SOON!  Click HERE to start adding items to your cart, but remember that the F&F sale is different from the Sephora VIB 2016 sales!  The next VIB sale will start in November!  F&F sale will require a Sephora employee to issue you a promo code, where the VIB sale is for all VIB members.

Sephora VIB Sale November 2016

My favorite VIB Sale 2016 of the year is the 20% discount for VIB members scheduled for November 2016, just in time for holiday shopping! Last year’s sale was from early to mid-November, and all VIBs used the promo code VIBTOPIA during checkout to earn a 20% discount. You can’t share the code with a non-VIB, but generally Sephora provides a coupon to VIB members to share with a friend on an in-store visit! Click HERE to shop Sephora.com, and have a blast!

Sephora VIB Sale December 2016

The FINAL Sephora VIB Sale 2016 will likely be a $20 off $50 gift certificate sent to VIBs in December.  It’s such a sweet treat to end the holiday shopping season!  Start adding items to your Sephora.com cart in anticipation!

Sephora VIB Sale April 2016

So what are the Sephora VIB Sale Dates 2016?  This year during April, the first Sephora VIB Sale 2016 will be held. The 2015 promo code was VIBTICKET at checkout, and all VIB members scored a 15% discount off of their entire purchase.

Sephora Chic Week 2016

Sephora Chic Week 2016 will give provide an opportunity to stock up on spring beauty and summer suncare at a great discount. Last year the promo code at checkout was simply CHIC for this event, and it was held almost immediately after the Sephora VIB Sale.

Sephora VIB GC December 2016

Each year in December, Sephora VIBs have received a special GC from the brand with a low spending threshold of $50.

The first Sephora VIB Sale 2016 will be held in April 2016, if history is any indication!  Last year’s first VIB sale was structured to favor customers who spent more.  Last year’s VIB Sale dates and promo codes are listed below.

4/12/2015 – 4/21/2015: VIB Rouge 15% off PROMO CODE ROUGELOVE
4/16/2015 – 4/21/2015: VIB 15% PROMO CODE VIBLOVE
4/17/2015 – 4/20/2015: BI 10% PROMO CODE BILOVE