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Sirius Aurora At-Home LED Light Therapy Review

It’s been on my list for over a year now: “Dermatologist Visit”.

That nagging little “to-do” is being constantly de-prioritized, mainly because I already know that the laser treatments I desire to diminish the redness of my rosacea will likely cost over a thousand dollars, not to mention hours spent in the doctor’s office! When the kind team at Sirius offered me an Aurora to sample, I was all over it. This at-home LED Light Therapy device boasts results similar to anything you’d get from the dermatologist!

I’m generally frustrated by at-home beauty devices. When I open up a brand new tool, I simply can’t wait to dig in! Sadly, some require long charge times before you get started. Not so with Aurora, which simply needs to be plugged in!

Here’s how to use it:
Aurora comes with three different LED light colors to use. Red, for anti-aging and redness. Blue, for anti-acne treatment. Green, for hyper-pigmentation. Damn, I need all three!

The regimen is simple, but semi-time consuming. Each treatment will take 24 minutes!

Step 1: Pulsating Light

First you need to prep clean, dry skin with a pulsating light function. The face is divided into three sections: 1) the chin and jawline, 2) the nose and cheeks and 3) the forehead.

Each section will be treated for three minutes. Simply skim the top layer of the skin in each section while the light flashes. The device should be moved in small circular motions. When the device beeps, it’s time to move onto the next section.

Step 2: Constant Light

During this phase, the light will stay on constantly. Move the device in a round motion over the surface of the skin. This time, your face will need to be treated in 5 sections, with each section being treated for 3 minutes. The face is divided as follows: 1) the ckin area, 2) a cheek, 3) one side of the forehead, 4) the other side of the forehead and 5) the other cheek. It doesn’t matter if you go clockwise or counter-clockwise. As long as each section is treated for three minutes, you’re golden.

I’ll be honest. The overall treatment time is lengthy. However, a trip to the doctor would be longer and more expensive! I’ve had issues with finding the time to use this device properly. My solution? I think I’ll plug it in near my couch, and do the treatments while watching TV! Talk about convenient! Post-treatment, my skin simply felt a bit warm. No other side-effects of any kind were noted. I’ll report back later on this one readers!

CLICK HERE to order the Sirius Beauty Aurora Light Therapy System. It’s a reasonable $149.95. The product has a 1-year warranty, and a 6–day money back guarantee. LED therapy is non-invasive, and has been declared safe by the FDA.

The author of the Raging Rouge Beauty Blog received press samples for purposes of this makeup review / product review. For more information on sample policies, please click HERE to read my full disclosure statement.


  1. That’s pretty neat. I’ve had acne problems since i was 13. I’ve gone for a few blue light treatments at the doctors office and it was very expensive ($125 per session). This sounds like a good alternative 🙂 I’m anxious to test it out.

    I’ve also tried that zeno device, but it didnt really work for me.

  2. lori tatao says:

    a year and a half since this article was written…any updates on how it’s improved your skin??

  3. Hi Lori! I’ll be honest, I love the portability and affordability of this product… but the overall regimen was simply too tedious for me to keep up. I really should get back to it, to see what the result would be, but it is very tiring to do.

    • lori tatao says:

      thanks for your honesty! i too purchased this and stopped for the same reason. i am determined to start back up though TONITE because it still has great reviews online. i will add this though since i am always trying new products: i HIGHLY RECOMMEND these 2 products: DDF amplifying elixir and Vichy Lift Activ Serum. I have been using these 2 combos at night and have seen great improvement in my skin. I use DDF first, then Vichy after. I’m 46 with fine lines and starting to lose elasticity. Hope this helps anyone looking to try something new. They work great together. That’s my 2 cents lol

      • Well, I always strive to be honest! Thanks for forcing me to revisit this review. I should really give it another shot myself, definitely.