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The Perfect Face

An item on the visual.ly website set us thinking. They’d conducted a survey to discover Britain’s opinion on the best celebrity body parts. The result revealed that curves are back in fashion, as suggested by Hello Magazine’s article.

But it was the section on the perfect face that started our brains whirling. It seems that the perfect woman would have Cheryl Cole’s eyes and hair, and Angelina Jolie’s nose and lips. While we were considering the fact that the e-fit they produced from these parts is significantly less attractive than either, we started wondering: which celebrity has the best skin? And if we could establish at least a short list, what could we learn from them?

So who goes on the shortlist? Halle Berry springs immediately to mind, along with Angelina Jolie and Cate Blanchett. It’s not an exhaustive list by any means, but it’s a good place to start.

Of course, most of us have neither the favours of nature nor the financial resources that are at the disposal of these ladies, but by adopting some of their skincare methods, we can all look our absolute best.

Berry and Blanchett are now in their mid-forties, but both have glowing, radiant – though very different – skin. Cate Blanchett is exceptionally fair-skinned; a complexion renowned for its delicacy. In her case, limiting her skin’s exposure to strong sunlight is extremely important. As well as browning, sunlight can cause enlarged pores, especially on the nose. When this happens, a scrupulous cleansing regime is required to prevent blackheads.

Halle Berry, despite her darker skin, is also known to avoid unprotected exposure to the sun. She’s made subtle use of Botox to keep her complexion wrinkle-free without creating the immobile mask we see on too many Hollywood celebrities. She also attributes her clear skin to being a non-smoker.

But what of make-up? One thing that most of us share with the Hollywood legends is that we wouldn’t dream of exposing ourselves to daylight without a good session of preparation. We can learn something from Angelina Jolie on this topic. According to her make-up artist, Jolie prepares with Le Mer Treatment Fluid Foundation. This has a sun protection factor of 15 to protect the skin from ultra-violet radiation. It’s important, though, not to mistake it for an anti-sunburn cream; it protects your skin from occasional exposure, not intense, hot sunlight. The foundation is best applied using a sponge.

If you’re feeling extravagant, Angelina also uses Caviar Luxe face cream from La Prairie. At around £200 a jar, it’s not for everyone, but its fish oils and omega-3 are said to produce outstanding results.

Certain tips are common among all of the svelte-skinned celebs we investigated, and most of them are more within reach of us mere mortals.

Stay Hydrated
Moisture is vital for your overall health as well as the appearance of your skin. So you can help both simply by drinking more. There’s no evidence that high-priced isotonic drinks are any more effective in this than plain, fresh water. And make sure you use a top-quality hydrating moisturizer under your foundation.

Don’t Smoke
Easier said than done, but smoking has been shown to be a contributor to skin ageing. It depletes collagen, allowing the skin to sag, and actually thins the skin by up to 40%, making it more likely to wrinkle. It also gives your complexion a greyish tinge.

Your face may not be your fortune, but it needn’t cost a fortune to keep it looking its best.

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