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Valentine Nail Wraps by Nail Rock

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Valentine’s Day Nail Wraps, Nail Rock

Need a Valentine’s Day manicure, but time is scarce? Nail Rock has introduced a set of designer wraps that are sugary sweet, and perfect for the occasion! If you’re experienced with applying nail wraps, the perfect “quickie” mani for Valentine’s day!

Nails That Will Rock Your Valentine

Each nail wrap in this set by Nail Rock brings back memories of the sweetheart candies from childhood.

nail rock valentine

Valentine’s Day Wraps, Nail Rock

It’s going to take some practice to get these perfect.  If you’re really attached to the idea of purchasing these and wearing them for your Valentine’s Day date, my recommendation is to buy two sets if you’re new at this.

A photo of my trial is below.  I’m a newbie with wraps, and you can see that while my application might be “passable” it doesn’t pass as an actual manicure.  A helpful hint is the wooden cuticle pusher enclosed in the kit is your best friend to help smooth tricky wrinkles during application.  Centering the wrap and smoothing it out that are challenging.  Using the tiny file included with each set to remove the excess wrap at the tip was a cinch.

trial nail rock wraps

First Try, Nail Rock Wraps

I LOVE LOVE LOVE nail wraps, but I am eternally in search of a set with a wrap wide enough to cover my thumbnail, and Nail Rock’s set was no different. 🙁  As a result, I only get to use these as an accent.  Despite this disappointment, these are a super-cute idea for Valentine’s Day adornment!

Retail price is $7.50 for 16 nail wraps. Check out this design and their many others at NailRock.com!

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  1. This is nice design for valentine. I think much better if its color red.

  2. Megan P. says:

    Cute designs! I am particularly fond of their GIRAFFE BLACK ON FLUORESCENT PINK nail wrap. Took me a few tries to get it right, but when done properly, the designs are really eye-catching.