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Canard and Espresso, Laura Mercier Creme Eye Liner

canard swatch, espresso swatch, laura mercier creme eye liner, february 2013, spring 2013, new product

Laura Mercier Crème Eye Liner Review

If you have a steady hand and a penchant for professional looking makeup, you’ll definitely need to grab a couple of these new Laura Mercier Crème Eye Liners, brand new in February 2013! [Read more...]

Sugar Frost and Orchid, Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour

orchid, sugar frost, laura mercier new caviar stick eye colour, spring 2013, feb 2013

Orchid and Sugar Frost, Caviar Stick Eye Colour

I’m a true fan of Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour. These longwearing eye shades apply like a thick eye pencil, making it easy to apply to a broad area (like all over the lid) or with more precision (as a highlight over a dark eye pencil). [Read more...]

L’Occitane Shea Butter & Honey Collection

loccitane honey whipped body cream

Honey Whipped Body Cream, L’Occitane

Why do these yummy, honey-infused skin treats from L’Occitane make me sad? Because they are limited edition, and I want them to be around forever! [Read more...]

MAC In Extreme Dimension Lash

mac in extreme dimension lash review

In Extreme Dimension Lash, MAC

It’s pretty rare for me to be critical of MAC product, but the recently released In Extreme Dimension Lash did not impress me.

The product description boasts volume, curl and length. Upon opening the box, I was prepared to be dazzled. I LOVE the creative curves of the tube, and I’m also generally a fan of spiky applicators like the one MAC utilized for this formula. This design tends to separate lashes, and deliver excellent coverage. [Read more...]

MAC Mattene Lipstick in Night Blooming

MAC Mattene Lipstick in Night Blooming

MAC Mattene Lipstick in Night Blooming

MAC Taste Temptation is a diminutive collection of shades selected to be perfect for after dark.  Night Blooming is definitely a way to stand out in the crowd, and isn’t for the bashful!

night blooming swatches, mac mattene lipstick, taste temptation collection

Night Blooming Swatch: MAC Taste Temptation Collection 2012

Remember those near-neon pinks that were so popular in the Spring?  This shade is the more sophisticated, evening version of those pinks.  The undertone is a cool blue, and the shade is vivid without being fluorescent.  Were you planning to wear a classic red?  This is a great alternative!

Retail price is $15.  This shade is already sold out online, so be on the prowl at a local MAC counter!

Click HERE to shop MAC!

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NARS Andy Warhol Collection: Self Portrait 3

self portrait 3, nars andy warhol collection

Self Portrait 3, NARS Andy Warhol Eyeshadow

If you’re planning a makeup collection to honor the memory of Andy Warhol, it goes without saying that the itself must be art.  I knew NARS had succeeded in creating art because it nearly killed me to sully the Self Portrait 3 NARS Andy Warhol Eyeshadow palette in order to write this review!

As part of the Andy Warhol Collection recently launched by NARS, Andy Warhol’s “Self Portrait” from 1967 has been recreated in makeup form. [Read more...]

Trend Alert: Teal Eyes

iris apfel for mac, teal eyes, spring trend

Teal Eyes, Iris Apfel for MAC

This recent photo of Iris Apfel for the Iris Apfel for MAC collection has me mesmerized. 

I can hope that I will age as gracefully and glamourously as Iris, but chances are slim that I’ll be puttering around draped in fur and baubles.  I’ll admit that I’m more of a jeans and t-shirt kind of a gal!  While Iris is a style queen, what has me truly hypnotized is her EYES.  In the MAC photo of Iris, they look positively teal.  [Read more...]

Too Chic Beauty Powder Rocks For Fair Skin

too chic beauty powder, iris apfel, beauty powder for fair skin

Too Chic Beauty Powder, Iris Apfel for MAC

I have extremely fair skin, so while I love many of MAC’s Beauty Powders, many of them are basically used as blushes. [Read more...]

Endless Night Nail Lacquer: Daphne Guinness for MAC

daphne guinness for mac, endless night nail lacquer, swatch, review

Endless Night nail lacquer, Daphne Guinness for MAC collection

Yet another sheer neutral?  Perhaps, but when the light hits Endless Night just right, a subtle rose-toned sheen appears.  I love that one simple little difference!

[Read more...]

Hyperion Nail Lacquer: Daphne Guinness for MAC

Daphne Guinness for MAC collection, Hyperion nail lacquer review, Hyperion nail lacquer swatch

Hyperion Nail Lacquer, Daphne Guinness for MAC collection

When I first glanced at an image of the entire Daphne Guinness for MAC collection, I was immediately captivated by Hyperion. The shade is described by MAC as a light grey blue green–hello multi-hued! Hyperion is an amazing pedi-shade, but perhaps most impressive is that it is truly suitable for all seasons. [Read more...]