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Fall Is A Great Time For ChapStick!

raspberry creme chapstick review

Raspberry Crème, Chapstick

It has been said that here in Seattle, we have only two seasons:  rain and construction.

When the season switches to rain, it’s quite sudden.  The forecast switches from sun, sun, sun to rain, rain, rain overnight.  The change in the condition of my lips and hands follow the weather trend.  They go from normal, normal, normal to dry, dry, dry overnight.

I tote around lip balm all year round, but I really apply it most obsessively in the Fall.  So it was perfect timing when I received two new releases from ChapStick, to help protect my pucker!

The first–and my favorite–is the new flavor in the Moisturizer line:  Raspberry Crème.  This creamy, fruity scented balm is so emollient, and feels immediately soothing on dry lips.  I love that there’s a built in SPF 15!  I usually neglect to wear sun protection on my lips in the Fall.

sport ready chapstick review, chapstick sport ready

Chapstick Sport Ready

The second ChapStick “newbie” is their Sport Ready formula.  This balm is going to be my best friend over the Thanksgiving holiday, when I travel with my family to sunny Arizona.  This formula has a broad spectrum SPF 30 (important in the desert sun) and best of all is water resistant!

Retail price is about $2.99 for Sport Ready and $1.99 for Raspberry Crème.

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