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Thalgo Exfoliant Cream Pure Radiance

 Similar to its sweet-smelling sister product, Thalgo’s gentle exfoliant smells of flowers.  While using it, it is obvious this exfoliant is intended for the face.  Unlike many lower-end exfoliants that are abrasive and scratchy, Thalgo’s is so gentle you just barely feel the tiny Polyethylene Granules sloughing away your dry skin cells.  When you rinse away the emulsion, it is unmistakable the product did the job.  This exfoliant transforms the face from dull and dry to fresh, clean and rosy.


iconMy dermatologist introduced me to Vanicream.  He sells the tube pictured at left for $8 in his office.  It’s a fantastic skin moisturizer free of dyes, fragrance, lanolin, formaldehyde and parabens.  Vanicream can be used on both the face and body.

What a sucker I was, buying it for $8!  Drugstore.com sells it for $5.99 and also stocks the sunscreen version of the product.  DERMAdoctoricon sells it for $5.95!

The manufacturers of Vanicream–PSI Pharmaceutical Specialties Inc.–have a fantastic resource on their site.  It’s a list of common chemical irritants found in beauty products.  A great resource.

Biore Ultra Deep Cleansing Pore Strips

iconiconOnce upon a time, I worked for a shall-remain-nameless online retailer.  While interviewing, I was handed the typical packet of "our-company-is-great" documentation, including a copy of the TIME cover featuring the Chairman/CEO as person of the year. 

I was impressed.  I marveled over his achievement.

I just couldn’t get past the fact that his nose was riddled with a horrid quantity of VERY visible blackheads.

Don’t be that guy!  Biore Ultra Deep Cleansing Pore Strips are an incredibly effective, incredibly quick way to unplug even the most clogged of pores (including the pesky creases around the nose).

Jane Iredale Concealer

In the market for a new concealer, I decided to give Jane Iredale a try.  I had read such rave reviews about Active Light under-eye concealer, I was just itching to try anything Jane Iredale.

Right out of the box, Disappear worked differently from any concealer I’ve ever used.  In a tube form, the concealer can be applied using its patented sponge-tip applicator, or using a concealer brush.  The liquid is layered on thinly until the desired coverage is achieved.  I’m a stick-form concealer girl, so it took a couple of attempts to get the application right.  Once I got the hang of it, I was hooked.  Coverage can be as light or as heavy as you need it.  Jane Iredale’s website even claims it can be used to cover up tattoos!

Additional benefit…  It contains green tea extract, an antioxidant that also combats acne bacteria.  A concealer that helps clear the very blemishes you are covering?  Brilliant!

I snagged my Disappear at Caliderma.  Purchase $125 or more and get 15% off with the discount code SPRING15.  Discount does not apply to iS Clinical Product.

Peter Thomas Roth Ultra Light Oil-Free Sunblock

iconiconWhen my husband (then-boyfriend) relocated to the Seattle area and I was still living on the East Coast, we planned a nice long hike together during one of my many visits West.

During the hike, my eyes started to sting quite painfully, causing us to cut our hike short.  By the time we returned to his car, I couldn’t even open my eyes I was in so much pain.

At the time, I thought it was a hideous allergic reaction.  Further experience proved it to be my sunblock.  Strenuous activity had caused the sunblock I used at the time to run into my eyes- to a very painful end. 

Now, Peter Thomas Roth Ultra Light Oil-Free Sunblock permanently resides in my bag during sunny days.  Gentle enough for anyone 6 months of age and older, I use this SPF 30 to protect my toddler and myself.  Unlike some sunblocks, this one doesn’t cause any stinging after exertion.  It’s a winner.

Thalgo Deep Cleansing Mask

Mother’s Day has come and gone.  Have you mothers out there remembered to treat yourselves?  If not, buy yourself a bouquet in the form of this floral-scented deep cleansing mask by Thalgo

This creamy concoction spreads smoothly and evenly, and dries fast.  After rinsing it off my skin felt squeaky clean.  The oil in my problematic t-zone?  Neutralized.

Kinerase Cream

Once upon a time, Kinerase products were only available through a dermatologist.  Due to popular demand, this high-end product is now available through fine beauty retailers as well.

Kinerase Cream has quickly become a favorite product of mine.  It moisturizes deeply without feeling heavy or oily.  The best part- there’s a version of this product for everyone.  Normal to dry skin can opt for the cream form.  Normal to oily skin can opt for the lotion.  Need an SPF added, for daytime use?  Well, Kinerase has thought of it and they have that too!

Kinerase C6 Peptide

She’s been your anal-retentive "friend" for years.  Courtney Cox, who will turn 43 on June 15th, is no spring chicken.  Yet, she looks like one.  Her flawless porcelain skin makes me think "I’ll do whatever SHE’S doing" even if it means drinking blood.

Luckily, nothing that drastic is necessary.  What Courtney is doing is quite simple…  she’s using Kinerase.  As of about 3 weeks ago, so am I.

Three months ago, upon looking in the mirror, I noticed some distinct lines between my brows.  Years of furrowing my brow at people in a "what are you, crazy?" expression had finally taken its toll.  But, in the short time that I’ve used C6 Peptide, my fine lines have been minimized and my skin is looking radiant.  Even the deeper lines between my brows are not as noticeable.

But don’t take my word for it.  I slid some samples my Mom’s way, and she reported back that since using the product her skin is markedly softer, firmer and wrinkles are less apparent.

Blotting Papers

Warmer days and shinier skin go hand-in-hand.  Blotting paper is a quick and easy way to mattify the t-zone.  Simply blot the offending areas and toss the paper.  Your look will be instantly refreshed.

E.L.F. Shine Eraser is my new blotter of choice.  At only $1 per package, you can stock up on enough for the entire summer and still have money to spare for all of the iced tea you’ll need to cool down!

Soy Indulgence Moisturizing Candles

Beauty, Beauty Blog, Beauty Blogger, Makeup, Cosmetics, Product Reviews, Makeup Reviews, Raging Rouge, Stumbling upon this locally-made travel candle was luck.  Its small lidded container makes it perfect for mess-free travel.  Light it when you settle into your hotel room for the night to freshen the air and create a tranquil environment.  Before sleep, blow out the candle and use the all-natural wax concoction on your elbows, cuticles or feet.  Anywhere you need extra moisturizing overnight!